The validity and utility of selection

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The validity and utility of selection

Physical Ability Tests Work Samples Development and implementation of such screening methods is sometimes done by human resources departments; larger organizations hire consultants or firms that specialize in developing personnel selection systems.

I-O psychologists must evaluate evidence regarding the extent to which selection tools predict job performance, evidence that bears on the validity of selection tools.

These procedures are usually validated shown to be job relevantusing one or more of the following types of validity: Primary research topics include: In one of the most comprehensive meta-analytic summary to date by Weisner and Cronshaw The authors investigated interview validity as a function of interview format individual vs board and degree of structure structure vs unstructured.

Results of this study showed that structured interviews yielded much higher mean corrected validities than unstructured interviews 0. Their goal was to explore the possibility that validity is a function of the type of content collected.

They define the three kinds of content as follows — situational content was described as interview questions that get information on how the interviewee would behave in specific situations presented by the interviewer.


For example, a question that asks whether the interviewee would choose to report a coworker for behaving in an unethical way or just let them go.

The authors conducted a meta-analysis of all previous studies on the validity of interviews across the three types of content mentioned above. Their results show that for job-performance criteria, situational interviews yield higher mean validity 0. This means that when the interview is used to predict job performance, it is best to conduct situational interviews rather than job-related or psychological interviews.

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Here, two questions emerged — Are structured interviews more valid than unstructured interviews? Their answer to the first question — Are structured interviews more valid unstructured interviews was that structured interviews, regardless of content, is more valid 0.

However, when training performance is the criteria, the validity of structured and unstructured interviews are similar 0.

The validity and utility of selection

As for the validity of board interviews versus individual interviews, the researchers conducted another meta-analyses comparing the validity of board interviews and individual interviews for job performance criteria. The results show that individual interviews are more valid than board interviews 0.

This is true regardless of whether the individual interview is structured or unstructured. When exploring the variance in interview validity between job performance, training performance, and tenure criteria, the researchers found that the interviews are similar in predictive accuracy for job-performance and training performance 0.

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But less predictive for tenure 0. Validity of cognitive ability and personality tests[ edit ] Based on meta-analysis results, cognitive ability tests appear to be among the most valid of all psychological tests and are valid for most occupations. However, these tests tend to do better at predicting training criteria than long term job performance.

Cognitive ability tests in general provide the benefit of being generalizable.

Selection Methods: Almost a Century of Research

But despite the high validity of cognitive testing, it is less frequently used as selection tools.“The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings” by Frank L. Schmidt and John E.

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The validity and utility of selection

Any statements posted constitute the statements of the poster and are not the statements of $ Overall, the two combinations with the highest multivariate validity and utility for predicting job performance were GMA plus an integrity test (mean validity of) and GMA plus a structured interview (mean validity of).

Establish thge basic scienticifc properties of personel selection methods, including reliability, validity, and generalizability (2) Discuss how the particular characteristics of a job, organization, or applicant affect the utility of any test (3) Describe the government's role in personnel selection decisions (4)List the common methods used in selecting human resources (5)Describe the degree.

The validity and utility of selection methods in personnel psychology: Practical and theoretical implications of 85 years of research findings (). This home study course entails the independent study of the journal article "The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Research: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings" (Schmidt and Hunter, ), followed .

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