The importance of obeying government in our society

The Importance of Law in our Lives and in the Society Posted on December 4, by theadmin March 22, We all know that law is very important in the society. It is a must in order for a society to be peaceful and problem-free. Law is a man-made therefore it is in you if you will follow it or not. The law is something that the human has created to modulate the society by introducing justice, Targit BI Systemfairness and equality that is set by courts and governments and is applied to everyone within their jurisdiction.

The importance of obeying government in our society

After all, shouldn't your employees know that they shouldn't discriminate against a co-worker or give a female subordinate a kiss on the cheek? The reality is most people want to do the right thing, but sometimes they don't have the knowledge or self-awareness to do so, until you create the rules.

Obeying rules and regulations in the workplace creates an environment where employees feel safe and comfortable to do their job effectively. Legal Regulations Needed Without question, employees should follow the law.

But workplace rules might go beyond basic legal requirements. The reason is that business owners and leaders don't want to leave anything to interpretation. If a man and a woman are friends at church, and the man greets her with a kiss on the cheek, there is nothing wrong or illegal with this.

However, at work a rule to have no type of contact like this helps prevent unwanted sexual harassment lawsuits. Imagine if the man becomes the woman's boss or is in control of her promotion.

Even the innocuous kiss on the cheek can be used against him and the company by a disgruntled employee who didn't get promoted. Keeping consumer and employee information private is on the news almost daily with internet breaches happening at the world's biggest organizations.

People want to work and do business with companies protecting their data. It is also important to protect the company proprietary data to remain competitive in the marketplace. Not securing computers or sharing passwords put company data at risk of stealing information, cyber hacks and malware.

These issues cost companies millions each year. Simply following the security protocols can prevent the majority of problems. Benefits of Rules and Regulations In the most basic sense, the benefits of rules and regulations in business are that they protect the company.

By protecting employees, you protect the company from lawsuits. Following rules and regulations help employees understand what is expected of them and what will happen if they violate the rules. It makes for a stable office environment where people feel safe to come to work, to be themselves and to go about their business.

The result is less turnover, more teamwork and higher company morale.

The importance of obeying government in our society

For the company, bottom line is profit. It costs money to recruit and onboard new people. Lack of innovation or inefficiency results in slower production times, thus lower revenues.

Company morale has a direct effect on employee performance, as well.Oct 19,  · The Importance of Obeying the Rules and Regulations in the Workplace by Kimberlee Leonard; Updated October 19, When everyone follows the rules, the company can focus on accomplishing its goals. Trust us for a quality essay on the importance of obeying laws and are the best company online.

See our services here. Failure to obey the laws can also be detrimental to the society’s welfare because the government is forced to spend a lot of resources on prosecutions, training law enforcers, building jails, funding the. Essay on Obedience: Meaning, Importance, and Types. Category: Essays, Obeying parental precepts shows our respect.

Obeying teachers’ rules shows our respect for them. In society: Obedience is essential in individual life as well as in social life. Man is a social animal and to live in the society man has to obey certain rules.

What is the importance of obeying the law? In the U.S., where people in government derive their authority from voters and exercise power as elected officials, obeying the law is a message to everyone else here that we don't agree on everything, but we respect our government, and acknowledge our right to disagree, and abide by all the rules as a.

Nov 02,  · Nationwide, 13 percent of African-American men have lost the right to vote, a rate that is seven times the national average” (Wood, 8).

By obeying to these laws, we are disadvantaging other individuals from having a voice in our ashio-midori.coms: Public health and educational facilities, the public transport system, and infrastructure that enables us to satisfy our basic needs form an important part of society.

The government or any form of a central governing authority regulates a society.

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