Pleasantville characters

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Pleasantville characters

When David and Jennifer are in the town of Pleasantville, they bring about change. Pleasantville is a black and white town, and as David and Jennifer interact with the people Pleasantville characters Pleasantville, the people start to experience emotions and they turn from black and white to color.

As people start to change they begin to think independently, and while some people enjoy this change, others see it as a monster and are leery of what it will do to their seemingly perfect society. In this film, the categories being disrupted are the roles of men and women and the differences between normality and abnormality.

This is disturbing to many of the citizens of Pleasantville; they do not Pleasantville characters to risk giving up the pleasant and familiar lives they have for the uncertainty of the unknown.

In Pleasantville there are clear distinctions between the roles of men and women as defined by the cultures social norms. We see a disruption in the order of things when Betty is not home to greet George. This signifies the change that is happening in Pleasantville, because until then, it has always been sunny and pleasant.

The thunder is followed by the first rain that Pleasantville has ever experienced. The scene then goes to Betty who is out with Bill, who makes her feel good about herself.

This does not fit the expectations her culture has for a woman and disturbs the order of things. George looks in the oven, but to his surprise there is nothing in it. He is baffled that his wife is not home for him. It seems that he is looking for anyone who will be there for him, that Betty, as a person, is not important to him.

This scene is a perfect example of how monsters disrupt social norms. Betty is not doing what society tells her a woman should do. George expected his wife to be at his beck and call every second that he was home. The culture in Pleasantville expects women to be fulfilled and satisfied by providing for their families, but Betty realizes that she is missing something when Bill recognizes her for herself, and not for what she does for others.

Nick Sousanis believes that to really understand something you must be able to see all sides of it. Based on this definition I would argue that by seeing her life from another perspective, Betty is becoming unflattened.

Given this idea, Bud and Mary Sue could be considered monsters. Mary Sue causes Skip to experience feelings and emotions that he did not even know existed. The next day, Skip tells all of his friends about his experience and they also begin to question what is normal and where the boundaries are.

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The next scene takes place in the halls at school. Bud is confronting Mary Sue about the change she has brought to Pleasantville.

Mary Sue realizes that the people of Pleasantville have a lot of potential, however they do not realize it yet. Then a different girl is blowing a bubble with her gum and the gum is bright pink.

The scene continues and shows many different things changing in Pleasantville. Next, the previously undefeated basketball team is not winning, and a local store is selling beds made for two people which shocks the townspeople. Finally a girl is taken to the doctor because her tongue is pink.

The use of color represents a radical rethinking of the boundaries in these important details and shows the different ways in which Pleasantville is being disrupted.

While Bud is initially resistant to causing a change to the normal in Pleasantville, he eventually agrees with Mary Sue that the people will be better off by seeing the world differently. For Bud this change occurs when he realizes that the books in the library all have blank pages.

When Mary Sue tells her friends about one of the stories, the words appear on the pages and Bud then finishes the story and because he sees value in having books, he continues to tell stories and even provides Bill with a book of famous paintings to encourage his passion for painting.Pleasantville Bud (David) Bud became trapped in the TV show Pleasantville through a TV remote.

While being trapped in the black and white show Bud begins to change along with the rest of the town. David Wagner is a kid whose mind is stuck in the s.

Pleasantville characters

He's addicted to a classic 50's sitcom television show called "Pleasantville". Pleasantville is a simple place, a place where all of its citizens are swell and simple-minded folks, a place where the word "violence", and life outside of Pleasantville, is unbeknownst to its inhabitants; things are perfect down in Pleasantville.

In Pleasantville all of the characters experience change. Bud made them realize that no matter what you do, change happens. In The Giver, Jonas is the only one who experiences change, except for The Giver.

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