Mcdonalds customer feedback

Well, to some services, the feedback system is just a formality but not for the McD. This is why they are offering the opportunity to provide a proper survey in terms of a feedback from its customers. It was the first to bring out a commercial and successful business from the American Hamburger in We will describe more regarding this in the post below.

Mcdonalds customer feedback

These are the social profiles which contain all the details about their menu, happy meals, product offers, latest deals and other information. Social details are provided for their customers to like, follow or subscribe them on the Mcdonalds customer feedback some famous social networking websites.

All the questions and written with the suitable answers for you to check and then place an order.


They can share their feedback, suggestions, comments, messages or subjects on the provided form. You can also directly visit for the working schedule timings there to direct walk in interview with them.

Mcdonalds customer feedback

Reply Link Haq April 17,1: I had been waiting for more then 10min at the order here booth but noone attend to me. Im really disappointed in the customer service at sengkang sport centre. I will never buy here again. Sengkang sport centre macdonald really make me feel unappreciated with my pleasant with a motorbike.

Leanne April 24,5: Every morning i will buy a long black and flat white from Downtown east McCafe outlet, and was served almost daily by Zhang Li. Here is my feedback about her and I really would like her to be removed.

She is very incompetent and has zero customer service. She is also unhygienic and works at her own pace. Today she raised her voice and was rude to me.

I wonder, on all occassions I am there to buy from McCafe, why is she always there alone with no supervision…. Here are my observations of her since early March the previous barista was excellent though!

She throws cups, wrappers and plastic cutleries into the bin where pressed coffee is thrown beside the coffee machine. I caught her struggling to squeeze in a McDonalds big paper cup through the black divider on the coffee counter-top bin!!!!

She does not smile nor greet customers at the counter. She stands there and looks away while she takes orders. She looks bored and agitated. She does this to all of the customers 4. She does not understand orders and made two wrong drinks for people in the queue in front of me and held up the queue.

What would normally take 5 mins, was then made into 15 mins! Once I waited at the counter for a good 3 mins, only to finally look ard the store and found her chatting with the staff on the tables behind the counter hidden away from sight.

I think if she is helping to clear tables that she is also mindful of customers at McCafe? Today i came at am. The coffee grinder is empty. She only filled it up after my order came through.

I always order 1 long black and 1 flat is the website of McDonalds Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey. Take the survey and you will have a chance to win $1, big prize easy survey prize. About McDonald’s Survey: At McDVoice, Its all about customer satisfaction survey.

Customers give feedback about the services at the outlet, price of the food, cleanliness at the place, staff behavior and much more by answering all questions during the survey.

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Do you have feedback from a recent experience at one of our restaurants? Did you know that on the back of every McDonald’s ® receipt is an invitation to let us know how we did during your visit? Using your receipt, complete our five-minute survey. The best burger restaurant in town wants to make you a little happier and richer just for your feedback.

McDonald’s is offering a FREE sandwich to all of its customers who are willing to give their feedback in the McDonalds customer survey. McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey: The Service Management of MC Donald is conducting the MC Donald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The purpose of conducting Customer satisfaction survey is to help MC Donald Canada to find potential advocates and identify unhappy customers.

McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer with over 36, restaurants in more than countries around the world.

McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer with over 36, restaurants in more than countries around the world. Skip to Content {{ashio-midori.comFieldHeading}}.

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