How to write a magazine story pitch

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How to write a magazine story pitch

Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below. Did you know that most of the articles you read in everyday magazines started off as a magazine pitch from a writer to an editor?

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Pitching articles is a valuable skill for any freelance writer, and one that it's important to learn. If you know how to make your pitch correctly, you'll avoid the pitfalls and have a much better chance of success.

how to write a magazine story pitch

First, find out if the magazines you're interested in writing for accept submissions from freelancers. It's rare these days, but there are still some magazines that are produced entirely by staff writers. Others don't accept magazine pitches from unknowns because they prefer to invite writers to work for them instead.

Then, have a look at your idea. It should match the publications you'd like to write for. It's smart to identify specific titles that publish the kind of article you want to write.

If you're not sure whether your article topic is suitable, check online archives or check a few copies of the magazine out from the library. This also allows you to find out if the magazine has already run an article on the same topic.

Remember that topics can be adjusted in tone to fit different publications.

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Look at the style and type of articles run by any magazines you're interested in writing for to get an idea of the kind of work that they prefer. You'll want to roughly match these criteria in order to make a successful submission and magazine pitch.

Articles that are vastly outside the magazine's existing style won't be accepted. When looking for places to send your magazine pitch, there are many different options. You can check out magazines you like to read at the library, or buy them at the news stand. Subscription databases, including Writer's Market and Wooden Horse Publishing, are a great source for places to submit your work, and cost only a little each year for the volume and quality of information they offer.

You can also go online to find magazines that don't have a big presence, and spend time in forums and on message boards frequented by writers to find out what they have to say about a given publication.

Learn everything you can before you make your pitch, and you'll be able to tailor it to the magazine, increasing your chances of being accepted. Editorial calendars can help you time your magazine pitch. Often features on websites for the magazine in question, they'll let readers, writers and advertisers know about planned theme issues and other important dates.

When you make your pitch, keep these upcoming topics in mind. If you think your article idea is well suited to a particular issue that's on the way, be sure to mention that fact. This does mean you'll have to plan ahead.

how to write a magazine story pitch

Most magazines work under a time table that's a minimum of three months ahead.The key is to outline this in the pitch because these technical experts are necessary to the story, but they can’t write in a way that’s engaging. If the editor knows you can find experts and make them sound good, they’re more likely to not just take your story, but ask you back.

For instance, my angle on this article would be: “You need four essential things to craft a killer pitch letter and land a paying assignment.” On the other hand, here’s an example of something that wouldn’t work as an angle: “Writing a pitch letter is a grueling process.” Think of an angle in terms of your readership.

Getting an Editor to Read Your Pitch It’s important to remember that magazine editors receive dozens of queries and pitches each day, hundreds each week, for an editorial calendar that might.

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KILLING SOMEONE ON ACID This was a real pitch we got from an intern. She planned to listen to Slayer while she did it and plead insanity if she got caught. How to Pitch Stories to Magazine Editors and Get Published. thank the editor and state that a pitch will arrive from you within a week.

Nov 05,  · When pitching a magazine story, match the story to the magazine and follow the submission guidelines. Pitch a magazine story successfully with tips from an author in this free video on writing.

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