An analysis of the andrew warhola born in pittsburgh pennsylvania

They were a working class family that stuck close to the roots and traditions of their Eastern European heritage. Andy had an amazing gift for drawing even from a very young age. In addition to drawing, Andy was fascinated by Hollywood cinema and spent much of his time at the local cinema. He also enjoyed taking pictures that he developed by himself in his basement.

An analysis of the andrew warhola born in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Ela Zavaczki born 21 July entry 16 In this initial search, there was one entry for a daughter named Juliana Zavaczki who was born on 20 November and baptized two days later on 22 November.

An analysis of the andrew warhola born in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Entry for Juliana Zavaczki in the church registers of Mikova. Click to Enlarge I am confident that this is the actual correct birth record for Julia Warhola and that she was born in Collection of the Andy Warhol Museum.

An analysis of the andrew warhola born in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Image courtesy of the Andy Warhol Museum. ByJulia had moved to New York City to live with her son as he started his career as an up and coming advertising illustrator and artist. She lived with Andy in New York for most of the remainder of her life, until she became ill and returned to Pittsburgh before her death in In terms of genealogical evidence, this seems like solid proof that Julia was in fact born on 20 November But why do so many sources still have her birth date wrong?

In doing the math, if she were born on 20 Novembershe would have been 17 years six months four days old at the time of her marriage. Had she been born inthe record would have stated she was 16 years old I find this age calculator is helpful in verifying ages on a specific date.


As a side note, the original entry in the church registers can be viewed here entry 3 with spelling variations in the given and surnames. The drastic differences in the names are likely a result of the Magyarization that occurred in the Austrian-Hungarian empire after laws to force assimilation into the Hungarian culture in She arrived aboard the S.

Celtic on 11 June Once again, being 29 years old on 11 June is consistent with Julia being born in November of Interestingly, it looks like she traveled with another woman from Mikova, Ilona Kalinak, and her son, Jan Kalinak.

Interestingly, the census was enumerated on 9 April and Julia was 38 years old on that date. Perhaps this is one of the records that lead people to believe she was born inbut errors in ages, especially as small as one year, are common in Federal Census records. The accuracy of this data also depends on who was reporting the information to the census taker.

However, anyone who has done a lot of genealogy research knows that even birth dates listed on death certificates are limited by the knowledge of the informant and can be inaccurate due to lapses in memory. This research on Julia highlights two ways in which you can evaluate a source to determine its accuracy.

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First, think of the source in the context and time in which it was created. While birth dates derived from death records can be a good reference or starting off point, as we can see from this example, there can be flaws.

Typically, the source closest to the event tend to be more accurate. Second, consider who is giving the information to create the record.Andy Warhol was born Andrew Warhola on August 6, , in a two-room apartment at 73 Orr Street in a working-class neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Carpatho-Rusyn immigrants from an area in the Carpathian Mountains in what is present-day Eastern Slovakia, his parents Andrej and Julia Warhola had three sons, Paul, John, and Andy, the youngest. The Lemkos' homeland is commonly referred to as Lemkivshchyna (Ukrainian: Лeмкiвщина, Lemko: Lemkovyna (Лeмкoвина), Polish: Łemkowszczyzna).Up until , this included the area from the Poprad River in the west to the valley of Oslawa River in the east, areas situated primarily in present-day Poland, in the Lesser Poland and .

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Andrew Warhola was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents had emigrated to the USA from Ruthenia, a region now in the Slovak Republic.

An analysis of the andrew warhola born in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Between and Warhol studied at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Feb 14,  · Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Warhol had an interesting sense of style; he wore silver wigs and eventually dyed his . Andy Warhol's Impact on Art Andrew Warhola was born August Sixth, , in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

He was the youngest son of Julie and Andrej Warhola, both immigrants from Czechoslovakia. After a quiet childhood spent alternately alone and in art classes, Andrew went to college.

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